A Little Introduction

I believe that we as individuals inherently hold the wisdom of who we are and what we need. As life happens we can forget the powerful beings we innately are and loose our sense of self. Sometimes we may fragment parts of ourselves due to relationships, insecurities, societal expectations, trauma and more. My goal is to create a warm and trusting environment to help you gain insight into why you might be feeling, thinking or using behaviors in certain ways.  To provide a space where you can develop the skills needed to better support yourself and know that change is possible, returning to a place of wholeness.  Not perfection, but wholeness.  I would be honored to assist you on this journey.


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Our Services

I believe that everyone is capable of change, but sometimes we can’t do it alone. I am here to support you in this process.

My Approach

My approach is strength-based, trauma informed and collaborative. I am committed to bringing my authentic, non-judgmental, humorous self to the therapeutic process. I have an integrative perspective, using the following techniques:

Art Therapy

Uses art materials to explore and discover, providing a way for a person to have a language for what they are experiencing when they may not have words for it.

Eating Disorders

Struggling with issues related to food, body image and movement can be a challenging task. Together we can work on letting go of what we “should” be doing and instead access your inner strength and wisdom.

When we work together

Healing Can Happen